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noob question SVR06

I have a really, I mean really basic question. So basic, I read all 384 posts before posting this because I am embarrassed to ask.

How to I kick out of a pin / stand up when prone? I am playing SVR06 on the PS2.

Some backstory: My girlfriend and I were watching WM last Sun and she looked up some CAW videos on You Tube. I mentioned that it looked really cool, and on Monday we went to Game Stop and bought SVR06 and 07. She took 07 and I am trying to play 06.

Neither of us have played any WWE PS2 games before.

Last night, I was William Regal fighting against an AI Chris Benoit. I was totally dominating him for the first two and a half minutes of the match. Then, I missed a drop kick and fell prone. That was the end of the match for me. I couldn't do anything but get manhandled from that point on. Strike, Grapple, Counter, none of the buttons helped. I could hit the timing meter to escape from a submission, but that didn't help because I still couldn't stand up. I tried the directional pad, the Select button, everything I could think of but I went from mostly uninjured to defeated in less than 3 minutes.

I've had this same problem with every other wrestler I've played except John Cena, with whom I was able to score a victory while never falling down. But, I don't want to trust to my luck in staying vertical. There has to be a way to stand up, I'm just not finding it.

Any help is appreciated.

PS: I do like the format and storyline so far. I'll probably buy the others in the series if I can just figure this one thing out.

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