The All Singing, All Dancing Crap of the World (mr_oma) wrote in wwe_videogames,
The All Singing, All Dancing Crap of the World

Flashback 2

The opening movie.

Character line up of WCW Nitro. Note that the first 16 superstars are the true lineup, hence why they all have those video rants (Alex Wright and Eddie Guerrero have two! :O). Everyone else are secret characters, from other WCW names, to totally random people, to the game's staff.

Gameplay of WCW Nitro.

Gameplay of WCW Nitro, this time showcasing some of the crazy rings that were hidden in the ring select option.

End Credits of WCW Nitro.
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Oh man, I never watched WCW back then, but I still owned these games.

They were awful, but they were still so much fun.

Thanks for the memories :)